All About Wallpaper Steamers

Wallpaper steamers almost always work by boiling water in a chamber and when they reach the correct temperature they release the steam down a hose. The steam travels down the hose to a faceplate, and this is the bit you hold against the wall. The hot steam trapped in the faceplate against the wall then heats and loosens the paste that is holding the paper on the wall. At this point the paper will start to come away from the wall very easily.

Wallpaper steamers used to be used only by professionals, the price of them just didn’t make it practical for a DIY enthusiast to buy one for a decorating project. This has changed in recent years and you can now buy a basic wallpaper remover for about the same as an electric kettle. Once you know this it makes the thought of stripping your wallpaper a lot less daunting. They can more than half the time it takes to remove wallpaper and once you have used one you will never want to use a metal scraper on it’s own ever again.

You can of course still pay a lot more for a wallpaper steamer and for the extra money you get extra features. These features often include increased safety, added functions and more flexibility. In terms of safety all wallpaper steamers should include safety release valves. Without these there would be a danger of the high pressure steam exploding from the device and that is the last thing you want. More expensive units also sometimes include materials that mean the device always remains cool to the touch.

In terms of added functions you will find some wallpaper steamers have extra attachments to allow you to also use it as a steam cleaner. You may find there are nozzles and brushes to allow you to use the steam to clean your carpets and soft furnishings. You will pay a bit more for this type of device but it does make it far more useful. You may also find that by spending a little more on a device you get the benefits of added flexibility. This could mean a longer hose and cable so you can get around the whole room without having to move the steamer from plug to plug.

Another factor to consider with a wallpaper steam stripper is the steam time. This is how long it takes to reach temperature and be ready for you to start using it. A basic model may take up to 20 minutes to be ready for use while a more advanced device may let you start in just a few minutes. Waiting 20 minutes isn’t too much of a problem if you are just working on a short project. If you are going to be removing wallpaper for a number of days however, you will soon get tired of the extra wait every time you switch it on.http://www.dejadesktop.com

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